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Well, that was blinking blinking hard. I ran a really good first half (1:35 hrs including a wee stop 1.5 miles from the start) and then couldn't hold the pace at all in the second half, finally finishing at shuffle speed in the last few miles. My second half split was almost 2 hours FFS!!! And at the end I was totally and utterly trashed and feeling worse than I have ever felt at the end of a race, ever . I was sick, I had a cramp attack (or two), I couldn't even bend to sit down, I was sick again (in the middle of Horse Guards Parade) and my walk to Charing Cross Tube station and then getting down the steps there was 'brilliant'. It was all very epic.

It just goes to show that my three half marathon distance run ins to work on the canal tow path were marvellous preparation..... for running a half marathon

What a fantastic day though
MTFU...well done mate. still a good time running in all that commuter traffic. I don't think I could handle the London...too many people for me.