As the great Shaunaneto 2014 sporting diversification continues I'm after some more advice.

Climbing and kayaking are both on for 2014, with climbing rope work skills pre-existing albeit rusty. And kayak skills non-existent, but with the routes to dealing with both known and understood I'm eager to build up some actual fitness to crack on.

But the training for them needs to happen in either the gym or the pool. Basically because it's so fricking cheap. I've got an excellent 50m pool and a well equipped gym which I can use as much as I want for 18 a month and I can step out the front door and be in the pool within 10 minutes. There is a climbing wall nearby, but the opening hours don't really work for me and it's expensive.

Anyone got any useful pointers as to how to get effective use out of the facilities available to me. To be honest, I'm more than happy buying a book if you've got some recommendations? Or links to suitable websites will do too.