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Thread: running after hip replace

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    Excellent. Just need to get him to advise on management rather than a blanket no. Help much appreciated

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    Met with surgeon. Accepted that running again not impossible but still wouldn't advise. Still some movement. Interestingly felt birmingham hip replacement was just as traumatic and invasive as total hip. By my reasoning then should be able to do everything those patients have done. Thanks again for all advice and help

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    This is so great to see this information! And best of luck to you to getting back to running.

    I'm in a very similar situation, waiting to get the ok from the consultant to get back to running..... I came off my bike on ice on 12th January this year [I should have gone running instead....] and broke my hip. It was fixed with three cannulated screws, I've kept the joint but now have an area of bone in the depths of the ball part of the hip where it's not had a good blood supply and is dying off. I'm seeing the consultant on Wednesday to see if it's got better, stayed the same, or got worse. If it really gets bad then it will be a hip replacement, so I'm keen to find out that there is a life of running after hip replacement! I hope so, I really miss it all.

    I can swim, gentle cycling and walking but not fell walking, what has your consultant agreed you can do?

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    Basically anything low weight bearing cycling swimming rowing. Walking OK because its low impact. Doesn't like running because of the impact and thinks it could loosen the post within my femur. Does however recognise that if quads and glutes are strong they will lessen impact. I'm months away from running yet. Just trying to strengthen from walking. Hope all
    Goes well with you and don't need op

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    Quote Originally Posted by neilshort55 View Post
    Wondered if anyone had any experience of resuming running after total hip replacement. This was the full job not the smaller Birmingham hip op. Have to say surgeon advises against any running but acknowledges people do. Any advice experience great fully received
    I cannot speak for hips, but am presently following same journey as you regarding a knee ,I am now now two day post op, and there are two problems you face. (1) a general lack of even anecdotal stories of success or failure and (2) a knee jerk reaction amongst surgeons that you cannot run after arthroplasty.

    I Dug deeper and took a second opinion, from a guy used to athletes and who has actively researched meta studies to conclude there is no research that demonstrates you cannot, the problem is the catch 22 - whilst there is a mantra that says no impact sport after arthroplasty because of that few trials are conducted so the mantra is self fulfilling.

    My guy was hard to find, far more positive and has a big track record ( name I will give by PM if you wish, be warned is expensive)
    So he thinks my implants are good for a BG, and we will have to see- I intend to find out!/ be the first BG on bionic knees!

    So shop around - not all surgeons are as negative as the mantra. My firs opinion who said no running after knee replacement, said it was nota problem on hips - the technology newer and better researched.
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    Quite agree. As people get younger the previous example and experience of a more elderly group of patients who used to be the only ones having the surgery doesn't transfer across. However a younger and fitter group of patients whilst theoretically stronger will also place more demands on the implant. Then the implants have improved and around we go! As you say no real studies done and no longitudinal studies available as they haven't been doing it in "young" people (I'm 51) for very long. The name of the surgeon maybe useful for future ref if you could let me have it. Good luck in your rehab

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    Hi Neil, how have things progressed in the last 3 years?

    I am now 2 weeks following a Total Hip Replacement. Sounds identical to yours with the Ceramic Head and 'expected' bone growth. As per your experience surgeon and literature supplied stated no running. Extensive research (on my part) indicates that there has never been any formal research done on pre-op runners returning to their sport. I am of the view that anything could happen tomorrow so intend to go for full return to Fell Running and long distance events.

    No physio offered as seems the norm so following suggested strengthening exercises found on the internet. Gradually increasing walking distance and now up to 1/4 mile on rough terrain .

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    Hi Richard, I worked for 5 years in Elective Orthopaedics Theatres (mostly hip and knee replacements). We found that those that came into Theatre fit and with good muscle strength were the ones that got back into a similar lifestyle much quicker and with better results. We had one chap that was 45 and he used to be a dancer and he had to have bilateral hip replacements. He was very fit and strong and although he had no intention of getting back to professional dancer standard he did set himself a goal. He ran a fairly respectable London Marathon a year later. He had encouragement from the Orthopaedic Consultant that did his op too. Mr Reddy was very much into sport himself and believed that even though you will probably never be up there with the front runners you should be able (depending on fitness) get back to your chosen sport and have fun. I think the idea is to go for it slowly though and build up the muscle strength that holds your core, hips, knees in line and helps to protect them. I love the story of this chap too Also if you want a bespoke programme for Strength and Conditioning after hip surgery take a look at this It is the one that our Orthopaedic surgeon suggested to those that were wanting to return to sport after surgery. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Get the bike out lad :-) the running will come later :-)

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    Thanks for the info. Normans' story is just what I needed to read. Spot on. The Strength and Conditioning exercises look good once my hip feels it is not about to 'pop' out.

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