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Thread: Support logistics.

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    Support logistics.

    This might sound like a stupid question but what do people do to help the support runners. Do they supply camping? Or a room? Have some one to ferry them to leg starts?

    Basically the logistics of the support.crew.

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    Cake!!?...possibly a lift back to their car too?
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    I would say define where the camping base is to be e.g. Braithwaite or Thirlspot, to ensure all of the team are in one location to keep it simple. People make their own bookings and are responsible for their own campsite logistics. Have a designated driver(s) to shuttle people to/from changeover points, maybe some supporters will live locally and sort out their own lift arrangements to/from changeovers…… but they’ll need to be kept informed of any changes to the time schedule – something that’s a bit easier to do at the campsite itself.

    The best treatment I had as support was when I got to the end of my leg there was purposefully sufficient hot food/drink for supporters finishing (or continuing on for an additional leg) and not just the 2 guys doing the round. That was really appreciated. Have also done support when food/drink-wise there was nothing provided at the end of a leg, just a lift between campsite and changeover point, which was also fine with me.
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