Hi All,

It has been a busy end of the week and I've not been able to get back here. Thanks for your comments and advice!

Ian - Thanks for the suggestion! I think I will see what happens when it starts to get lighter in the evening.

Rob - Thanks for the advice! I have dug out an OS map and it seems there are some striking routes. I have also found a 10 mile walk in a guide I have lying around that starts at Cow and Calf so I might try that as well.

DinoF - I will also have a look at Blubberhouses Moor (great name!). We are intending to try a "mountain race" (carrera de montaña) near my girlfriend's home in Spain, which has a lot of steps... so I'm at least going to try and get some sessions on the steps at Otley Chevin before then. My girlfriend likes Chevin a lot and works in Leeds so I might try and get her along to a session when the weather becomes more suited to the Spanish taste.

Graham - Thanks for that. I think I will try a session to see what it is like. I will be in touch!

wrecker - Thanks a lot for your offer! I will be in touch! It would be good to know someone nearby. Are there any trails around Morley worth running? I am getting a bit tired of the roads up and down to Batley.

Vegan - Yes, especially from where I live, Google Maps tells me I am more or less equidistant from the two!

Thanks again for your help!