Whilst atempting the Ian Hodgson relay route on Saturday the 24th Jan, annoyingly I lost one of my spare emergency jackets. I also lost a gold Grivel crampon bag. I think my axe resting across the top of my sack pulled the zip open, and the wind blew these items out. Unfortunately I didn't take my sack off from the top of Hart crag to where I finished at Sykeside campsite. So they could be anywhere on that route. I travelled clockwise, so the approx route was Hart crag , Fairfield , St Sunday's crag, angle tarn, the Knott, high street, thornthwaite crag, stoney cove pike, St Ravens edge, Kirkstone, road back to Sykeside.

This feels like a long shot, I suspect I am in the market for a new jacket and crampon bag. Ah well every cloud.