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Thread: tight calves & numb feet

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    Re: tight calves & numb feet


    I've sent you a PM, if your still struggling with your symptoms as described, then try what I've suggested...hope it helps!!

    No pain no gain...if still no gain try more painkillers!

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    I have been running off and on for years for the last 4 years I've been noticing that I have pains on the side (outer) of my legs and numbness in my feet. For the first few miles when I would run it would hurt but I was taught to run through it so to speak...I developed shin splints along the way as well...but kept on running. Recently it got so bad that I had to stop running all together in August. I went to see several doctors/orthopedics and all they told me was to stop I did. I finally tried a different orthopedic doc. I am scheduled to have an MRI of my leg this Wednesday to see what's going on...but from the sounds of it...I have Chronic Compartment Syndrome. It's exercised (running usually) induced and when you stop running for a few minutes, it's like you regain circulation in legs again. I have the pain in both legs but the left is worse. Many of the doctors I've seen didn't even know what Chronic Compartment Syndrome is nor did my running coach. It is not very common syndrome...except many runners end up with it. I also read on-line that if you let it go for too long without seeking help for the problem you can really do damage to your legs! So it's worth looking least rule it out.

    Take Care!

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