Not saying the 5:2 diet doesn't work but is there any real need to diet? If you simply JERF (just eat real food) you will lose body fat. So cut out the crap from your food intake. So that includes: all breads, all cakes, pasta,ready meals, ready made sauces, alcohol in excess, sweets and chocolate, crisps,fizzy drinks, so called health foods (often packed with sugar), oh yes that reminds me - cut out all refined sugar. So you still eat protein, carbs and fats but you source them from the raw material ie meat from the butcher, vegetables in all their variety from the green grocer, fish from the fish monger. And if anyone says they don't have time to prepare food from the raw materials then answer this: do you have time to watch TV or listen to music. Then ask: do I have time to look after my health?