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Thread: 5:2 diet

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    Its a secret!
    Cheers Marco
    Only a nett drop of 3.5lb from 7th to 14th with weekend included.

    I'll take it though. It would be a stone in a month.

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    It' still good progress, and you should be pleased. Thanks for keeping us posted on the figures; for anyone considering 5:2 the ability to see some 'real world' figures can only be helpful

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    Six years ago I was somewhat overweight, 98kg, a work colleague suddenly began to look "thin", he'd been doing the 5:2 diet so I thought I'd give it a go.

    Over the first six months I lost 23kg which was probably a bit much as I hadn't weighed in the mid 70kg range for over thirty years. I'm back up to 83kg now which is maintainable.

    The worst part was that a month or so before starting the diet I'd gone through my clothes going: "I'll never get in that again." and threw loads of shirts and trousers out!

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