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Thread: Wardle Skyline Fell Race

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    Actually, I rather like wind-farms and even though I was trying hard to keep in front of you yesterday - running like the wind almost - being just a simple engineer at heart I did pause to think that the array on display were rather spectacular.
    Nice to see you yesterday and going well- cobbles not detracting. Nearly missed you because I only get to see you in the dark(eek!)

    A couple of ditties for you out of the approved school jotter;

    P=0.5ρaV^3 and AEP=KVm^3AtT[/QUOTE]

    Well that made me laugh.

    And I noticed yesterday that you run a lot faster in daylight.
    " dry as the Atacama desert".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    Anyone got a copy of the results please? I was there with the mountain rescue team and we had to shoot off before the presentations......
    Results now on Rochdale Harriers Facebook although actual times are not yet shown.

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    Results are up on Rochdale Harriers website

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    Cheers to Rochdale Harriers for yesterday's Wardle Skyline 2019! Just scraped in under an hour after a nice battle with the wind. Perfect under foot though. I can also recommend the roast beef dinner at Hare and Hounds, just down from the scout's place, too

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    Another race report this time with added meal out recommendation. Tip top Tsar!

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