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Thread: Salt tabs

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    I used to suffer from cramp badly but now use Nuuns or the SIS electrolyte only tablets routinely and I have never suffered since. I carry enough of the tablets that I can add them to my bottle every time I refill.

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    When I've not trained for distance for a while and I step it up my own internal odometer lets me know that I've travelled 17 miles by battering me with cramp in every leg muscle possible. If I train I can push this to about 30 miles with no issues. After that I find Nuun sorts it out, in all fairness though on ultra's my none sweet trough is salt and vinegar crisps, pork scratchings etc...... which fill me with salt; so is it the Nuun or the snacks?

    A friend of mine talks of using quinine to stop cramp, so I've started drinking loads of gin and tonic. Don't know if it helps but I like it.

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    Magnesium Phosphate tablets are very good for avoiding/curing cramp.

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    My understanding is that the electrolyte/ hydration theories of Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps (EAMC) have largely fallen by the way side, and that EAMC are now though to be a failure/ dysfunction of fatigued muscles, especially those which are contracting abnormally.

    Drink to thirst, eat if you're hungry/ flagging a bit, but you have to train cramps away
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    Quote Originally Posted by dantodman View Post
    I use nuun tablets before and during long runs, this has stopped what was at one time a regular cramp problem.

    Same here

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