It's great to hear news from far-flung parts of the world, esepcially when people have been inspired by some of the the things we do over here. Yesterday the following note arrived from New Zealand via Chris Martin under the heading "NZ Bob Graham Round".

Hello Morgan

Inspired by Englands Bob Graham Round we have decided to try and start a NZ version......

Its called S -K . Please see details here.You will need to go to routes S-K Main the page holds other records

Maybe some of your members would like to give it a crack if in NZ.?

Chris Swallow is a Bob Graham 24 member as is Paul Helm who is attempting the route this summer.....

Also please feel free to circulate as we are trying to garner interest in the route. We have 6 members who have completed a sub 24 hour SK and about 8 people have said they will try this summer,....


I have let Chris know there is a page here now and maybe we might receive updates in due course.