Having always lived some distance from any of the main fell-running areas, travel to fell races has been a major consideration for me. But when I was racing more frequently, the journey to and from the race became part of the fun: I usually travelled by train and bicycle, staying away for a weekend or longer. So I would see some of the countryside around the race venue on my bike, and the train journey is much more relaxing (though more expensive!) than driving. The races gave me an excuse to get out into the hills, when I might not have gone otherwise.

Since getting married to a lady whose only running is around a tennis court, these weekends away have been off the agenda. However, I did find an excuse to go off for one in September this year. £69 rail fare and £36 for two nights in Youth Hostels: worth every penny for running the Half Peris race, with a short bike ride the day before (Bangor to Llanberis), and a much longer one the day after the race (finishing in Prestatyn).