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Thread: LDMT why not more popular

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    Just finished todays classic course. Was first starter, weather was pretty good, clear visibility on tops after about the first hour. Had a much better run than 2019 and finished in middle of pack in 33rd.

    Think legs 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 had the most route choice, the other legs seemed to me to have a fairly obvious route choice. Travs, we did end up to the west of Hen Comb and I can confirm that it was boggy and very uneven, not good for tired legs!

    Good to be able to sit on the grass at the end and catch up with a few people from my old club in York.

    Results which has a link to RouteGadget

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    The classic looked tough. Must have been some interesting route choices coming back over to the Buttermere/Ennerdale side what with no swimming allowed!

    I respectable 25th in the short for me. Initially disappointed but with the year I have had, I'm glad to have just finished.
    There was little in the way of running crossing from Blake fell to Hen Comb and down to Floutern Tarn. Horrible bog, tussocky grass, heather and peat hags to contend with. Much better progress after that until the descent to the foot of Mellbreak which saw me come a cropper a couple of times. Then an absolute mare trying to find CP5 as I contoured round far too high, realised my mistake and then ended up descending in waist high bracken. Enjoyed it thoroughly though and glad there's life in the old dog yet.

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    Well done Pete and Chris.

    The Classic looks as tough as ever, and some really interesting route choices taken on the RouteGadget.

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