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Thread: Ronda Dels Cims

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    My European races have recently only been two days and one night so n9 sleep. Did UTMB with no sleep though, altho perhaps with some sleep I would have been faster and had fewer stomach issues.
    On last year’s Hardmoors 200 miler I had a flexible plan and changed it at 3.3am of the second night when I stopped, slept and ate for about 2 hours total. It meant that rpthose on the 100 miler started about 3 hours beh8nd me so I had people near me for much of second day and night. I was also keen to sleep in dark and not waste daylight . I suspect a 20-30 min doze on the second night migh5 have helped as I kept falling asleep on my feet but I wa with another runner and did not want to lose that pairing of moral support and help with nav

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    I did Mitic which is over two nights and just kept on going. I had no problems sleep wise. Second night I unplanned joined up with a group of French runners and we just kept moving all together until the last few miles. My survival strategy was cold black coffee at each checkpoint

    Second night I remember arriving at a refuge and there was a room with a fire in and people sleeping. Felt too tempting - I had to get out asap.

    Enjoy it I would be doing Ronda this year but double booked so next year. I loved Andorra and the race takes you to the most incredible scenery and massive mountains.

    Just keep moving

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    Thanks, very helpful

    just keep going is my sort of strategy, Hope I don't regret saying that.

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