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Thread: Waterproof jacket options

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    Waterproof jacket options

    Hi this is my first post Hi to Everyone.
    I read through old posts about waterproofs already but a few questions. I started running seriously and Im after a good light weight-ish do it all waterproof jacket under 120 pounds cheaper the better.i have a baggy full on gore tex pro jacket for general use in wilderness. But need something light and DURABLE for a bit of running and light and fast hiking camping trips. I have looked at Inov8 race shell full zip jacket, stormshell150,montane minimus, marmot essence , haglofs gram counter, rab spark, OMM Kamleika and Gore running/biking jackets. Some of them are way expensive i really like the cut and colour of the kamleika and inov8 raceshell full zip jackets.but the issue is their material too fragile? I will use it with a couple of layers as well when ideal jacket would be something quite similiar to Berghaus Vapour Storm shell Jacket. Good material Athletic cut not too flappy and bright colour for safety.i almost bought inov8 raceshell on wiggle but the specs put me off 10000hh? Been browsing ebay amazon and online shops for 3 weeks no luck in my budget the way im after size medium in above jackets.thanks in advance for your inputs.

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    Love my Vapour Storm. At £99, an absolute steal too.

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    I've got a OMM Kamleika smock. Its a bit clingy, and I seem to sweat up quickly in it. Wish I'd had a look at few more before buying really...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jez Hellewell View Post
    Love my Vapour Storm. At £99, an absolute steal too.
    Yeah that would be my ideal jacket unfortunately cant find size medium online at discount price unless the current version which is like 250+ pounds.

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    I've got a Kamleika Smock, the fit is slim and wouldn't suit anyone who has huge arms for example. I've never found that i sweat up quickly in it like Dagwood, and reckon you'll sweat up quickly in anything that is waterproof. The sleeves have thumb holes which is nice and the material is soft and quiet, not crunchy and rustly, and seems to feel fine next to wet, cold skin in driving rain. It's a comfortable jacket that is well made.
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    Try here - says they have a medium...
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    I got the Kamleika jacket with full length zip. As mr brighside said, it's well made, a very good running fit and good material. Durable and lightweight are mutually exclusive when it comes to breathable waterproofs, I think you need to choose one or other, as durable means a three layer laminate. But having said that, I've had mine for three years, used a lot in the winter, still in a good nick, no signs of wear from a (small) backpack, but I do get wet after a couple of hours now, so I suspect the membrane is no longer like new.

    It's as sweaty as any other 'breathable' waterproof I have ever tried ... my wife doesn't find it sweaty at all.

    One more thing I'd add, these very thin materials provide virtually no extra insulation other than wind proofing, and the close fit you want for running makes it impossible to stuff extra warm layers under -- when you are camping, it might not be that useful as an outside layer when you are not moving.

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    Thank you everyone.Im eying on Berghaus vapour storm due to its durability but also come across Rab Spark pertex shield jacket at reasonable price. Read a lot sboug pertex plus and my wild guess is that it may not suit my do it all needs such as carrying backpack; camping etc.might go for gore tex active.only problem is finding skim cut design as i dont like too baggy clothes . I really like the older grey slate version of berghaus vapour storm .if anyone wants to sell 1 let me know. Thanks again

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    Okay im stuck between inov8 race shell fullzip and kamleika full zip...

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    If it helps you to decide my inov8 race shell with a half zip lets in quite a bit of water compared to the Haglofs i series top. I don't know if I was just unlucky, or if this is a general observation.

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