Thanks Richard.

Very interesting and informative.

Not only Stress and high cholesterol but you can add depression into the equation.

This is usually increased by poor diet and lack of motivation for exercise.
Stress is known to increase cholesterol levels and in particular the bad LDL cholesterol.

The amount of stress in your life isn't as important as how you deal with it. The more anger and hostility that stress produces in you, the higher (and worse) your LDL and triglyceride levels tend to be. Fight/flight mode has a bearing in this.

Stress encourages the body to produce more energy in the form of metabolic fuels, which cause the liver to produce and secrete more of the bad cholesterol, LDL. Also, stress may interfere with the body's ability to clear lipids.

All of the research shows that I should have tried to deal better with the divorce. I was angry.

Also the stress of losing an Ex, your sons, your home, your village where you lived all my life, my job of 14 years and starting life again. Couple this with depression and no wonder I recorded a high value.

In consultation with the Doc I hope to go until Christmas with a change in diet, more exercise (as demonstrated on this holiday) and lowering of Citalapram dosage.

Laugh it off and keep relaxed is the way forward for my new life.

Cheers to Wheeze also for your informed comments.