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Thread: Brexit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graham Breeze View Post
    I always thought our membership was one aspect of our assistance for developing countries.
    Indeed. If we had stayed in, we could have organised a vaccination programme that would have had 50% of EU residents vaccinated by now.
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    Brexit has sure been a great thing for the fishing industry..... (joke, it hasnít really)

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    I was talking to a Cornish fisherman last week.

    They are doing their fruits in down there.

    I think they'd be all Ok with the regime in place, if it was policed by the UK authorities.

    Foreign vessels are leaving their ports and then switching of their trackers, fishing illegally and heading back to port.
    The infamous Dutch factory trawler Margiris has done that this weekend. Try finding it on the marine traffic website.
    It's just come back on east of the Orkneys.
    It's illegal to do that.

    But they are also facing Romanian pirates, who are tracking boats and then stealing their catch by the use of force. I've heard of the piracy issues around the horn of Africa, but never thought we'd have it with fish off the Lizard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noel View Post
    While I don't want this thread to keep going, it's ironic that pre-brexit, all the predictions about what would happen were just that: predictions.

    Whereas now, we are in a better position to say whether Brexit was good or bad because we can actually see the results (albeit only the short-term ones for now).

    Having said that, people will always argue "yes, but that would/wouldn't have happened anyway". So as with most politics, it's all still opinion.

    That's my final word on the subject. Hopefully this thread will drift into oblivion along with the CL's and TH's ongoing discussion debate about a balanced portfolio vs the price of gold. I wonder how that tracker is looking today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHeathens View Post
    It’s not even close, I won hands down
    Oh hi TH. It's good to see you back on here after a long spell of inactivity.

    BTW: Did you watch the football at the weekend?

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