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Thread: Brexit

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    Quote Originally Posted by noel View Post
    Apparently we catch lots of mackerel around the UK, and currently sell most of it to the EU. I wonder if tastes will change post-brexit and whether there will be much of an effect on price (cheaper for UK-caught fish, more expensive for EU-caught fish).

    It's hard to estimate from the news stories. As they say "what's that got to do with the price of fish?"
    Yes it's interesting.

    Red Fish is another one, almost entirely exported to France. I was at Newlyn fish market a few years ago and a lot of the catch was shipped to France after purchase.

    But if they can afford to do that now, which involved freezer wagons in Uk to airport then flying the fish across, I doubt single figure import duty will be an issue.
    Quota might be though.

    Some Norwegian Salmon Farm companies set up processing over in Poland. Even though they are EEA there were still issues with processed fish, so they shipped the unprocessed fish to Poland to get around the measures.

    Not sure if that is still the case.

    So maybe that will be the same for UK landed fish, that processed will be more problematic.
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    Good job the UK has plenty of spare dosh lying around at the moment and can reasonably expect the budget deficit to be well under control for the next year or two.

    Ministers are paying six of the world's biggest consulting firms up to £180m for work on “thinking, shaping and delivering” Brexit, newly published contract details show. [...] All the contracts run for a year, with the option to extend for another 12 months.

    Mind you, I thought Boris had already fulfilled his promise of getting Brexit done and had said 12 months ago that “We have a great deal, it’s ready to go — just add water, stir in pot.” So quite why we need consultants to work on “thinking, shaping and delivering” Brexit for the next year or two isn't clear to me. But that must be due to my lack of understanding or bad memory, because otherwise it would bring into question Boris's honesty, integrity and attention to detail, and we all know he's unimpeachable on those character traits. And, anyway, it's only 180 million quid - what else have we got on which to spend such a trifling amount if we weren't paying it to 'consultants'?

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