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Thread: Howgills Social!!

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    Re: Howgills Social!!

    Pity about the run, but had a cracking quality/XC training session in the Peckforton Hills (see December edition of Runner's World - my missus is the 'rave run'!) which left time for some retail therapy.

    Howgills are still there after all... Me and said missus might go out for a run on them (just to make sure) the day after the BG meal this weekend, hangovers permitting.

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    Re: Howgills Social!!

    That was the day of sunday howgills run that we pulled due to lack of interest.

    This has been switched to Pendle.

    If you and the missus fancy a guided tour of the Full Tour then get to Barley sunday morning.

    There may be a cornetto init for you both
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