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Thread: 2016 Trackers

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    2016 Trackers

    Hi all - for the past 4 years I've supplied trackers for free, for those taking on the BG. I've used it as a means to test trackers - if we could get them working well on the BG then this would be a good benchmark. Whilst we do have the occasional need for testing - it is now rare.

    Conversely the demands for BG trackers are often on weekends where we could either be hiring them elsewhere or where we are pretty busy.

    I looked at leaving a couple of trackers with a shop in Keswick, but didn't get great vibes that they would be recharged - if a local person is passionate about this I would happily lend 2 trackers for the summer. But really need them to help out with setting the trackers up and putting in the ETA's and be a point of contact for BG tracking.

    In the absence of this we have decided that if you require a tracker for the BG you will need to pay for this. Weekend hire costs are 30 per weekend and can be booked on this page

    Unless someone asks specifically I will still post links to tracking here and on the BG Facebook group.


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