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    I've recently given up smoking and have taken up vaping instead! This has seen my running improve and I plan to continue vaping for the foreseeable future. Does anyone know if my running would improve further if I stopped vaping?

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    No idea re the impact of vaping, and find it hard to imagine that there's zero impact on the lungs.
    I do remember reading a study that found nicotine patches improved the endurance of cyclists though

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    Nicotine patches on inner tubes? Is that cheating?
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    In an effort to help anyone who is interested in understanding the relative position of vaping as against smoking, the relative harms and the benefits of tobacco harm reduction, there are 2 particularly important sources to look at.

    These are the August 2015 evidence review by Public Health England and the very recently published review "Nicotine Without Smoke" published by the Royal College of Physicians.

    Links below for both:

    On the current state of the evidence, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend that any smoker switches to vaping to improve their health.
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