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Thread: The Killing of Raptors

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    Ospreys are on the increase in Wales and there are now 6 or more nests. Last night some bastard cut down a tree with a nest in it at Llyn Brennig. They had just layed their first egg of the year. Why!

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    I am assuming it was a malicious act. Like you say. Why?

    Its not as if Ospreys take young grouse. They are fish eaters and I know some anglers who fish the Clywedog who are proud to fish alongside such magnificent creatures.

    Talking of the Clywedog, I had a look at the Ospreys nest at Cwm Biga as you did last week MP. In one way I feel a bit sorry for them as all the trees around them have been felled in the last few years leaving their platform exposed. They obviously don't mind though!

    Being so open it makes them easier to locate by friend or foe but it probably also gives them more security.
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    It's a bit of a weird one as to why, they had to take a boat and chainsaw out there and I'm guessing it was on camera - judging by the exact time of the offence that the police released.
    Could be a very disgruntled angler or farmer? Doubt it was an egg collector!
    The ospreys fly through here and sometimes pause when they migrate to the mid Wales sights and I've watched them on clywedog too.

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    Two buzzards found dead and poisoned in a wood in upper Teesdale this week. According to the local newspaper, two people are 'helping the Police with their inquiries'. Sickening carnage of these beautiful birds.
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