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    To be honest i didn't put too much thought into it, and picked it as an example of a particularly strong time... just an opinion based on the likes of Billy Bland, Kenny Stuart, John Wild, Colin Donelly, and others, all doing great things, and a good strength in depth, some records still existing etc...

    Whenever the 'greatest ever fellrunner' topic gets bought up, the prime candidates are usually Naylor/Stuart/Bland, with healthy arguments for John Wild and Colin Donelly put forward, and as they were mostly all prevalent during the 80's i picked that era as an example.

    (also quite possibly influenced by the fact that my current choice of reading material is my collection of The Fellrunner magazines from the early 80's!!)

    Yes OK. I just wondered why the 80s.

    I recognise "received wisdom" but assertions about "the greatest" are usually tendentious because of the criteria adopted - ie the writer can decide what conclusion they wish to reach and work backwards to justify it.

    Context is all.

    And I think "records" can be seductively misleading - Andy Styan's Langdale record dates from 1977.

    And if the 80s were so great what have Messrs Hope(s), Bailey, Jebb, Booth, Holmes,... been doing all these years?

    But as to your real question: probably. I think there are currently several outstandingly good female runners over certain distances and terrain but the current euphoria should not erase the memory of some other great female runners in the past like the wonderful Anne Johnson and peerless Angela Mudge - and Sarah Rowell may have never bothered with a BGR but she was still a half-decent runner in her day.

    Maybe when you reach The Fellrunners of the 90s you will form another opinion? Part 2 of my index is ready for the printer!
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