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Thread: sauna and steam rooms

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    sauna and steam rooms

    We take winter holidays in the Dolomites and always enjoy the sauna and steam room wellness there after a day skiing. These holidays are the only time we have easy access to this type of wellness.
    On returning to the wet n cold Lake District, it has us wanting to build our own wellness area in the garden. A sauna and steam room sounds just the ticket to wellness after a cold wet night run up on the fell.
    I would be interested to hear if anyone else has ever built their own sauna or steam room?
    let the good times roll.

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    I've never built my own sauna, but we did some work for a company that built them and I've also been around to see a customer who personally built his own. In both cases it was basically an insulated garden shed with an electric heater in it. Critically, I was told by the company that built and sold them that they put a damp-proof membrane in the walls, roof and ceiling to protect the main structural wood from dampness. From what I saw of the factory it looked a lot like a shed-making place.

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    We have one in our huge back porch. It was ordered on line and came flat pack and with the electric heater. It's wonderful. Suspect that if you just stuck it in a shed outside it would be a lot harder to heat up, to keep the heat in and to run nude back to the shower in the house
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    I don't know about health benefits but they are a great way to shift all the ingrained muck from your feet.
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