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Thread: So... 2016 then?

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    Thought I'd revive this topic from a year ago, as it's about that time of year...

    Overall it's been a good year for me. Joined a club and actually doing structured training has no doubt been a major factor, although the results were a long time coming. Some slightly underwhelming results at the start of the year, followed by an excellent (by my own standards) 2nd half of the year.

    Fitness-wise I've improved, climbing which has always been my strong point has again improved, and I'll be bold enough to say that my descending is starting to show some early signs of proficiency at last...!

    Don't really have a standout best moment, but finishing the 10 Peaks in the top 25%, with half the runners retiring or switching to the short course, was a highlight. Also a good run at Marsden-Edale back in January, and a couple of hefty pb's in September at Stretton Skyline and Peris, in poor conditions.

    Hardest race undoubtedly the 10 Peaks, where I learnt a heck of a lot about race management. The "bad patch" I experienced from Black Sail Pass, up to Pillar, Great Gable, Homister, and down into Newlands, eclipsed any amount of suffering I've been through previously.

    Also an honourable mention to Welsh 1000m which was, as always, an utter b*****d.

    Worst moment.... don't really think I've got one. A couple of races where I felt very flat, but again a year of increased racing mileage and climb, so it was to be expected.... probably running the excellent Haworth Hobble with borderline flu, and a frustrating Lakes Mountain 42 where I made numerous errors which scuppered an otherwise good run.

    Hopes for next year... well again another year of hoping to steadily improve, but also upping the race distances again. Doing the UTS100 in may, and how I recover and progress after that will remain to be seen. Whether I can continue the improvement in results, along with a severe increase in distance is a big ask. Also hoping to score in the Lakeland Classics Trophy, hopefully the LDMT, Snowdon race, and hoping for a significant pb at Buttermere Horseshoe. Ultimately working towards something big in 2019 and the next year will be make-or-break as to whether it's achievable.

    Happy Christmas to all those on the forum I've met over the past 12 months.... TrevorM, DaveMole, Brett, BritNick, KarenNash, JTinnion, FellUpFellDown, Tindersticks, Calvin, PeteS, Mr and Mrs RTS... and whoever bellowed a huge "go on Travs!" at me on the Carneddau during the Welsh 1000, I've still no idea who you are...!


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    More races and timed runs than I have ever done. Highlights were Edale skyline and Black Fell. No ultra's this year, but more quality running. Best run was 6 hrs out in January visiting 8 2000ft tops in the western Berwyns. Best hill day was walking the Rum cuillins in May with 360 veiws. Also got a Parkrun PB at 60. Bring on 2018

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    Well I thought last year was my worst but turned out to be this one.

    Plan was Stan Bradshaw, Anni Waltz, Slioch and take it from there.

    Only managed the Stan. Ironically I did a calf on a flat 6 mile canal run a week before AW and without a decent A cat behind me didn't want to take a chance on Slioch.

    Comeback was a low level Dashers race and after a decent summer building up miles and climb it all went pear-shaped again with a foot problem late August that has hampered me since.

    So next year's plan is the same as this year. Hopefully I'll get beyond the Stan as I have my AW entry deferred kindly by Wynn.

    I intend to do more long hilly walking, a bit more cycling and avoid pushing the runs. It seems when I try for 5 efforts a week with 30+ miles I break down.
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    2017 didn't go to plan. my left knee really giving jip, and only did a few races in may and June before knee just got worse. Highlight was learning to cycle and I did a solo Fred Whitton in June, which was brill and it seems transferring from running to biking is not so bad after all. managed Grouse Grind in Vancouver in July in 38 mins which I hear is pretty good time. as it was uphill only, I didn't have to trash the knee coming down. For 2018, more cycling and ticking the best hill climbs I can on the bike. learning to open water swim (can only breast stroke but managing over a mile or so currently, so slow but with stamina! If knee ever gets better hopefully a Frog G, but otherwise it might have to be a Frog Whitton!!

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    A remarkably injury-free year for my ageing body; just two minor injuries, keeping me away from running for a week or two each, although one of these did prevent me running the Warslow Fell Race. Even so, I only managed five races in the entire year: four fell races and one cross-country. However, doing so few races means that each race feels really special.

    2018: maybe a few more races, and a weekend or two in Snowdonia or the Brecon Beacons for races with big climbs. Looking forward to circling "M60" on race entry forms and getting 1/3 off my rail fares to races in the second half of the year. Hoping to finish in the top half of a results list in a fell race; maybe even ahead of Ann-Marie Jones (now I really am going into the realms of fantasy . . .).
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    Frog Whitton sounds good Simon
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    Its funny, I thought that once kids had left home, got jobs, got married etc, that finding time to race would be easier. If anything, the reverse. There are always family events or needs to attend to and they multiply like topsy when grandchildren arrive! So the old game of carefully juggling the calendar to fit in races continues and, as ever, it is electing what is possible both with ageing body and schedule. A particular highlight was Waun Fach. This is a race that has it all in terms of terrain, manageable distance, spectacular views and cameraderie. Especially the wicked uphill finish where you can sit on the old castle hump and observe the suffering of those finishing after you! Cribyn also remains a firm favourite.
    I dream of longer challenges but realise they may be beyond reach although I surprised myself with a sub 3 hour run on Four Fans. Its all about learning to eke out diminishing reserves!
    But once fell running is in your blood, it never leaves does it?
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    Generally a poor year for me as having young twins really knocked both time and motivation, apart from a 2/3 month spell my running was close to non-existant, and even my default fall-back of cycling took a hit as I didn't have the time.

    Having said that, I have to be grateful as I managed to do my favourite races (3 Shires, 3 Peaks Cyclo-X & Hodgson Relays) on consecutive weekends. Haven't done that in a while. I also had lots of fun at a couple of Brett's bedlamite events earlier in the year, and took a day out of a family holiday to climb Mont Blanc with a couple of mates. So, although few and far between, those days really were fantastic and i'm grateful for them.

    Hoping to re-find my mojo next year, and would love to be in a position to do TWA, Welsh 1000m's & Buttermere Horseshoe, as well as Three Shires & Langdale. Just getting out regularly 3/4 times a week will be the initial aim, and then we'll see where we end up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post

    Happy Christmas to all those on the forum I've met over the past 12 months.... TrevorM, DaveMole, Brett, BritNick, KarenNash, JTinnion, FellUpFellDown, Tindersticks, Calvin, PeteS, Mr and Mrs RTS... and whoever bellowed a huge "go on Travs!" at me on the Carneddau during the Welsh 1000, I've still no idea who you are...!

    A belated Happy Christmas to you too. Had a break from the forum and just catching up now I'm back at work!

    Last couple of years have been injury blighted and last year I did far more cycling (5000km) than I have ever done before. Really enjoyed that and the only events I have planned next year are 3 cycle sportives so I guess the running is now taking a back seat. Highlights from last year would have to be Birmingham Velo and an epic Lake District Mountain trial.

    Mrs S lost her running mojo last year - too many marathons, too much training. She took a break from the beginning of November until we went out together on Boxing day for a jog around our local bridalways. We both really enjoyed it and vowed to make 2018 the year of running for fun - I believe you are supposed to enjoy it aren't you!? With that in mind we both aim to enter some races we haven't done before and train when we feel like it rather than on specific days/times. That said, I definitely plan to do the Anniversary Waltz, the LDMT and a few other fell races in 2018 and definitely some new ones.
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    Same as a few here...pretty moderate year really. January was ok start but then had two months of niggly knee problems and family issues to deal with. Picked up through March and April and managed to drag myself around L100...just about!! Poor August due to recovery...then pre-Bullock Smithy 'taper'! Went around Bullock with Mrs tfg, which was good as she did a sub 20 hr pb! I do find it harder going slower!!? Took a rest....mojo drifted away. Then in a great end to the year I've managed to do 'Run Every Day December'....28 days on the bounce so far. Never done anything similar in the past! So roll on 2018. Manx Marathon, Fellsman and Eroica Brittania a year of doing stuff with Mrs tfg!! Hope we all have improved coming years!!!
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