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Thread: Finding Pacers / Offering

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    Hi folks...
    I'm loving reading and learning about all of the inspirational people and attempts on this forum. I hope to complete my B.G round attempt this coming 10th/11th June and am overawed and daunted by it... especially with such a tight 3.5mth window to do this...
    I'm trying to network to volunteer and help others in their plans..and importantly with those already experienced...

    Could you please help! Anyone interested (or referrals you could make) would be amazing and I would be indebted and if you need any help or wish to train..recce etc be amazing!!* Please hollarrrr!
    Look forward to meeting some of you wonderful people soon..

    I have a Bob Graham Round Face book group:

    Please share to any possible interested parties and so on

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    If I can help with anything I'd never happy too...
    Please drop me a line!
    Gavin Sandford

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    Thank you. If work etc allows I might take you up on that offer to cheer you along on May 11th.

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    I was thinking of trying in June (with the wimpy reasoning being that if I fail I can try again before the summer is out.)

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    Thank you!

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    I'd like to try in June, but worry I won't be fit enough so might need to be later in the summer...

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    Where are you now fitness-wise? You've still got time if you're in decent nick
    Poacher turned game-keeper

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobGraham View Post
    Hi everyone,
    I am looking to make my first attempt on the BGR this summer. I live down south sadly, so the usual problems of training and getting time to recce the route apply.

    I have a question about pacers.

    Before I ask the BGR community to help me on my own attempt, I would like to support someone else with their effort, either manning a road-station crossing or (preferably) bag-carrying on a leg or two.

    My questions:
    - Is this forum the best place for me to lookout for people who want someone to help them?
    - Is there scope for a separate website matching up people volunteering to help and people asking for help?
    - What should I do, when asking for help with my own attempt in the summer, to ensure that I don't annoy people who I am asking to generously give up their time and expertise in exchange for a bit of suffering with a stranger from down south in the hills?
    - Is anyone planning an early summer attempt who would like me to support them?

    Thank you all in advance,
    When will you be making your attempt? I'm going for it early August and am also looking for pacer help, maybe we could support each other if our dates are different and we are both available. It's a long shot, but worth the ask. Also I'm due to recce some more soon! So maybe could tie in. Where in the South are you from?

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    Hi to the Guys here doing attempts around weekend 13th/14th May. I will be in the area for the Fairfield Horseshoe fell Race...may be able to witness a leg on one of these days and possibly 11th let me know if I can be of assistance

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    I am new to this and may give the BGR a go sometime later in June.

    Are you still on for 10th June? what time are you starting and finishing? I may come along for a couple or so legs to help out and get some extra experience/ practice of the route if it helps.

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