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I have had some low level Achilles pain (I wouldn't go as far as calling it a real problem yet), and since I stopped doing calf raises it's actually disappeared for now.

I do a lot of strength work, squats, leg press, etc, and was really hammering the calf raises.

Maybe I was just doing too much with all the running as well... in fact it was probably just coincidence, as I've recently changed my day-to-day trainers, and most of all I also started icing it quite regularly... but thought I'd share...

I would however recommend skipping with a rope as a fantastic way to build your calves up. If you can work up to 5 x 3 minute rounds then your calves will certainly be in very good shape (and your shoulders!)
.... or jumping just a few inches off the ground with the same timing as if you were skipping with a rope - I find the rope is just a distraction/time waster. Then you can do it as hops - 2 steps each side, 4, 8 ... all good plyometric stuff and great for the calfs/Achilles tendons.