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Thread: Training Advice please

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    Ex competitive powerlifter weighing in.

    The signals that free weights sends to your body, particularly compound multi joint movements like squats and deadlifts are entirely different to isolation exercises (machines). Particularly when it comes to neurological efficiency and hormone response. One's not better than the other, but they produce entirely different strength gains.

    For an opinion from a running expert:

    He goes into a lot of detail in the podcast about how he strength trains runners.

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    Its sucks when we get older because we slow down and testarone level will fall hope i can be young again

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    Mike-T is a good sort, he gives some really good advice on the forum. But when he advises doing one hour of strength and conditioning for every hour spent running and to avoid exercise machines then I think he's not only wrong but reckless in his advice.

    So you spend an hour running one day and combine it with an hours s&c. So that's two hours of exercise a day. And what about those who spend two hours a day running? They'd be spending four hours in total on exercise. And so on until you get the Bob Graham loons who would have to do the round in 12 hours to ensure they got the other 12 hours of s&c in!

    Strength training is not an endurance contest. It can be developed very quickly from 20-40 minutes per week, even less in some. But it needs to be hard. And if you've got kids then find someone you trust to coach them in the gym once a week. Get them on the resistance machines and free weights. There is no better investment for their health. When I was young they warned against it because they thought it might stunt growth. But hey jumping down from trees and drain pipes wasn't much good for growth plates either but we still did it and landed in adulthood in fine fettle.
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