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Thread: Double BG starting Sat.

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    Double BG starting Sat.

    no not me..

    I'm surprised this hasn't popped up on the radar yet..

    Ultra runner Tom Hollins, who won the 2017 Spine Race, is giving the 132-mile Double Bob Graham a crack on Saturday..good luck to him..

    Brett Edit the title please..

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    So he's starting at 7am on Saturday on an anticlockwise loop, then on reaching the Moot Hall he'll turn round and run clockwise.
    I wonder which way he will prefer.
    Good luck. Hope the weather holds out.
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    Its a secret!
    Good luck Tom
    A quote,

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    Best of luck to him
    Poacher turned game-keeper

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    Going to be thundery then - hope he's ok. I was due to help a friend on his (single) BGR starting at 7pm tonight but he has wisely put it back 24 hours.

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