...recommendations for appropriate ankle support?
I've got what Ithink is a problem with my peroneal tendon. The outside of my anklestarted hurting a bit when running on Thurs. I rested Fri. and itseemed fine but wasn't great when doing a prakrun this morning; onlymildly painful, felt more wooden and awkward than anything. After I finished, it'froze up' badly and it was painful just walking. It's fairlypainless now when walking on the flat but hurts coming downstairs (oranything else that means bending the ankle forward with weight on).I'm pretty fed up because I've just had a couple of months off due tomuch, much more severe pain at what I now suspect was the other endof the same muscle (I didn't know what it was at the time but hadserious pain on the outside of my leg, a couple of inches below theknee). I started running again about three weeks ago and have beentrying to build it up very gradually (not up to 6 miles yet). Anyway,I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for some sort of anklesupport. I know I'll need to give it some rest and then exercises butI'd really like to get back running (wouldn't we all when injured) asI have precious few opportunities for fell running these days andwant to make the most of 10 days in the Lakes in July.