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Thread: "Stud Marks" reprint?

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    "Stud Marks" reprint?

    Saw Graham's remark about there having been a reprint of Stud Marks announced. Can anybody give me any more details about this please? Like many others, I'd be very keen to get hold of a copy without paying the enormobucks that the original book goes for on eBay.

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    And then, lo and behold, a "rather cosmetically challenged copy" appears on ebay
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    A copy has just sold on ebay for 155. I would say that is a reasonably priced buy and not "enormobucks"; but then I occasionally look at Railwayana auction sites and, somewhat bewildered, see the money that trainspotters willingly pay for junk.
    " dry as the Atacama desert".

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    Hi Jack,

    Alongside Robert White of Calder Valley FR, I am involved with this project. We are trying to progress it as time permits in our respective lives and will feed back any updates as and when applicable.

    We'll also be meeting up later in the year to assess the next stages for the project; given the broad church of experience in the fell running community, it's likely that we'll put a call out for assistance in progressing some areas. Republishing books isn't quite as straight forward as we might first have anticipated. Still, we're keen to do whatever we can to ensure the legacy of this seminal text.

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