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Thread: Other Esoteric Rounds

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    Marsden Edale double, Tan Cat (Tan Hill above Swaledale to Cat & Fiddle) and other bogtrots spring to mind. There was an upsurge in interest in these a few years with runners posting on here. Obviously outings often coincide with winter to sharpen them up a bit
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    Quote Originally Posted by gaw View Post

    recent activity on 3peaks bike/run: new record time
    I don't know where earlier attempts were recorded but this website suggests there is a faster solo record of just over 35 hours (drafted), and just under 42 hours (not drafted).

    I also recall there were different approaches - Alan Evans completed the National 3 Peaks taking his bike with him to each top. This had the advantage of allowing him to approach Scafell Pike from Langdale and descend to Borrowdale, whereas I think other attempts then cycled to Borrowdale and ran up and down from there.

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    There was always the 'Epic Tri' completed by Any Emmet and Bruce Duncan a few years ago. Bob Graham Round, non-stop tandem John O'Groats to Land's End finishing with the Devizes to Westminster Kayak Race. I'm not sure many people have repeated this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie D View Post
    A Greater Traverse: not so 'outlandish' as Red and Black but a big outing.

    Like the BG, it follows a grand history: first written up on toilet paper by a PoW, confiscated and re-written: a chapter in Mountaineering in Scotland

    To make it a 'Round', start and finish at 'The Little House in the Priarie': Camsunary bothy.
    The original bothy at Camunsary is now a private dwelling but the owner paid for a new bothy nearby.

    Even in the Lakes there are a few different challenges: the Lakes and Tarns one springs to mind (sorry pun not intentional). There was also a thread on here about linking up the Wainwrights at the cardinal points, so northernmost, etc.

    A few years ago I came across a chap who was cycling between the cardinal points of the British mainland which is a different take on the Land's End to John o' Groats ride (neither of which are a cardinal point BTW), these are: S - Lizard Point, E - Ness Point, W- Ardnamurchan Point, N - Dunnet Head)

    I suppose there's a minimum time for such challenges, 12hrs or so would seem reasonable, any less and it's just a bit of a day out in the fells.

    It might be answered in one of the links but didn't Eric Beard link the national 3 peaks by bike?

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    Bowland Fellrunners site has a load of rounds in and around Yorkshire! Under the 'Dig the Peat' section, which is under the Long Distance 'tag' on the home page. Some pretty tough ones too!!

    Just looked and I think it's been expanded since I last looked!!!

    There's also the Gofar site I think?
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    The Lakes Marilyn's always appealed to me. I remember reading Chris Upsons report on his run a few years ago. It's a nice classification for linking up some of the Lakes more prominent peaks. (some surprisingly so)

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