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Thread: Lightweight overtrousers

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    They look a good all round over-trouser Ian. How's the sizing come out? Thanks!

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    A couple of comments on the OMM Kamleika trousers, the ones with the black/white check material around the zip, and the under shoe cord, rather than the ones that are tight about the ankle. The former have a rather odd arrangement around the waist - a sort of false fly flap, that the waist cord/tape goes through, though it does not look like it will last long. No problems so far, though I have only worn them a few times. The extra material around the ankle that mainly covers the top of the shoe feels a bit flappy at first but it does help to prevent splashes onto the top of your shoe so your feet are drier/less cold. It surprised me how dry my feet were despite going through some substantial puddles.

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