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Thread: Your race shoe of choice

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    yep if you have achilles issues I'd be wary of spikes, though wearing them for races you won't be in them for more than an hour. A large outlay for not much use (think I got about 250km out my last pair - new pair being looked after more than I used to.
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    Lots of good advice there. Thanks to all of you. I think a trip to PB Sports is needed.
    By the way... anyone else remember drawing round your feet and sending to PB when ordering shoes by post?

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    Northwave Enduro Mid

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    Any recommendations of non-Inov8s (I just googled Northwave Enduro Mid and now feel nauseous ) )

    I roll in A LOT on my instep and I need something with a wider heel than Inov8s. In training I wear Adidas Kanadias which really suit me, but just don't have the grip/tred for narlier stuff.

    Adidas Terrex range seem to be bringing out good looking, reasonably priced shoes, but is anything good enough for our UK fells??
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    I wore Adidas Terrex X-King over most of 2016. They were certainly a good fell shoe in my eyes. My only real complaint was the draw-string lacing system (same as Salamon) which I wasn't a fan of, but I guess that's personal choice. I wouldn't go for anything else in their range though for pure fell.

    I certainly found they had decent grip, although mine only lasted a 'summer season' although I gave them some abuse and did a lot of big tough races over that time (Welsh 1000, Buttermere, Wasdale, Borrowdale, Peris, plus lots more). As for reasonably priced, I think they were around 110-120 pound when I bought them, so I guess that's personal choice again.

    Away from Inov8, it's probably worth looking at La Sportiva Mutant. Very good quality and good grip. La Sportiva always seem to make good quality stuff. Only issue I had was having to cut down the upper around my outer heel, as it was a bit high and dug in when contouring. Once I'd had a session with the knife they were just about perfect, but I was a little put off by having to attack otherwise perfect shoes with a knife.

    Incidentally I've gone back to Mudclaw Classics and found them fantastic over the last couple of races. In fact I wore them at a non-muddy cross-country last weekend and they were almost too grippy and aggressive...!

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    VJ Sport Irock2

    Originally an orienteering shoe, but beginning to find favour amongst fell and mountain runners

    Not sure that these meet jopari's requirement of a wider heel, but they are getting great reviews.

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    105 - yikes. They do look good though.
    No longer "resting"

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    Quote Originally Posted by noel View Post
    They do look good though.
    Let's face it, that's what matters at the end of the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoffb View Post
    let's face it, that's what matters at the end of the day.
    " dry as the Atacama desert".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post
    My only real complaint was the draw-string lacing system (same as Salamon) which I wasn't a fan of, but I guess that's personal choice.
    Nor am I. The solution is to replace them with normal laces, which is what I did when a Salomon lace broke on the Haworth Hobble last year.
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