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I've always really enjoyed the XC. Unfortunately my job no longer allows regular attendance and my league is over the other side of the country as I'm first counter for New Marske and Settle (...my 'redundant' 2nd claim club) don't seem to compete in local league. I sometimes get one or two league races in and a champs race if I'm lucky and fit enough. I do find the quality of course can be hit and miss but you take what comes.
You are allowed to run as a guest in the Mid Lancs or Red Rose which you may find easier to get to.
You have to be EA affiliated and a club member that's all.
So for the Mid Lancs, you just turn up and pay on the day and run 1st Claim New Marske and they mark you as a non-counter.
Particularly the ones after Xmas in teh Mid Lancs might interest you with Burnley, Lancaster and Ulverston.

With the Red Rose I think you can enter online in advance. Not sure if you can enter on day. I think you can.