I've not done much running since the spring due to persistent knee pain. I had an MRI scan which showed cartilage damage behind the kneecap. 11 days ago I had a knee arthroscopy, which hopefully will alleviate the problem. I was released the same day and was able to walk (stiffly) without crutches.

On the day of my operation the physio told me that it is likely to be about six weeks before I can do any running. I'm certainly minded to follow that advice as it would be foolish to set myself back.

Over the summer I did a lot of road cycling to make up for the fact that I couldn't run. I'd like to get back into that as soon as possible really and was thinking of trying it out next weekend. This would be 16/17 days post op. At the moment I can walk around normally without any pain.

I wondered what other people'e experiences in terms of recovery time were for this operation.