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    GPS watch navigation advi

    Hello, I have for a long time had a Garmin Forerunner 310XT, it has lasted very well and I love it as a watch. One of the handy features it has is I can upload a gpx route to it via Garmin Connect and then follow it as a line on the watch to help me navigate.
    From a little research, I don't think the newer 710XT or any of the Garmir forerunner watches do this. I think the suunto watches do though, and I'm interested to know how good they are. Some of them certainly look expensive.

    Can anyone recommend a good GPS running watch with navigation on the screen? Ideally in a similar or better way to on the Garmin Forerunner 310XT

    Many thanks!

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    710XT has never existed, do you maybe mean 735XT ?

    If so, check out the DC Rainmaker review, and specifically go down to the comments section at the bottom and look at comment #45 - photo shows a line being followed, with instructions at to how far until the next turn

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    Yes, I mean the 735XT, apologies.
    That is interesting to hear the newer watch does still have that feature. Thanks

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    I still really rate the Ambit Peak 3 for navigation - and movescount makes it super simple to plot or upload a gpx to your watch.
    Mrs has a Suunto Spartan Trainer, that also has navigation on, it's quite nice for the price but lacks a compass to orientate the trail direction when stationary.

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    I'm yet to try it, but it looks like the downloadable apps from Connect IQ for the new range of Garmins like the 230/235 can do replicate the navigation features of the 310XT and then some, including maps, breadcrumb trails and OS grid. I still se a 310XT and, whilst I don't use them often, the ability to show an OS grid and the get you home feature have got me out of more than a couple of scrapes in the past!

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