A village cross-country race; which means it is real cross-country. Footpaths across arable fields and pasture, including some with medieval ridge and furrow topography, which is interesting to run across. Only a few concessions to the modern obsession with obstacles: the Dewpond, the Drainage Pipe and the Brook. An excellent course, about 8.5km long; the only bit I didn't like was the few hundred meters of tarmac through the village of Barsby. Well organised, with half the population of Gaddesby apparently out on marshalling duties.

Amazed myself by coming 36th out of around 190 starters, taking about 30% longer than the winner. I have no idea where this sudden turn of speed came from! I haven't managed the top half of the results list in any of the four fell races I have run this year, and have generally been nearer 50% slower than the winner; although obviously the competition has been a bit stronger in the fell races than at Gaddesby. Curiously, I seemed to be passing other runners on downhills but being passed on uphills, which is the reverse of what happens in fell races. [Note: the words "uphill" and "downhill" should be understood in their Leicestershire Wolds context.]