Ive been having a bit of a nightmare with facet joints since may this year. I tweaked my back lifting something in work. But thought nothing of it. Ran on it a couple of times and it got to the stage where I had to stop the run and walk ( sharp pain each stride). I saw a sports therapist initially and it got a bit better, to the point where I could run on it with a small amount of discomfort/awareness. More recently a physio. Both said "facet joint". Ive continued to do all the stretches given. I managed to do the Saunders and Roc MM without real pain. Its never truely gone away and since the Roc seems to be having a resurgence and when I ran yesterday I had to stop a few times. Its probably worse overall now than ever. Originally never hurt doing anything other than running really (could touch toes with zero pain), now its everytime I move pretty much.
Hurts when I walk and run- sharpish pain in lower back on left. Can extend into bum/hips. When Im sat /lying down can be more of a dull ache.
Its really starting to get me down and making me thing I will have to jack in running. Ive made a GP appointment for next week but Im expecting a fob off.
I bought a book called the back sufferers bible and looks like Im doing the right things if it is facet joint, so why isnt it going away!? :-(
Has anyone else had this and got over it?