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Thread: Skyrunning training

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    Skyrunning training

    Hi all,

    So I'm signed up for the Scafell Sky Race and will also be doing the VK Mamores. Anybody with skyrunning experience care to offer advice on how to integrate preparation for Sky races with Fell training? Or do you consider them the same in terms of prep?

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    I imagine it's the same concept, perhaps more time on feet for the long runs and practise some rock climbing....

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    Time on feet, on rough ground. Long sessions. Plenty of climb. Consider back-to-back days?

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    I think it may just be the names that separate those races from races on the fell calendar. I've done the VK, and was a course setter for the Scafell race last year, and don't think you'd need to train any differently than you would for e.g. a BOFRA race or a Lakes AL respectively.

    (Both great races by the way, and great weekends overall).
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