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Thread: Another new 'un...

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    Another new 'un...

    Just signed up to the forum, having just recently joined the FRA, so saying hello.

    Have gone through the motions of road running, triathlon and trail running but now want to get stuck in to the good stuff on the fells!

    Live near St Helens (not renowned for it's beautiful mountain scenery!), but have started to spend most weekends up in North Yorkshire after buying a static up there, hence me discovering the joys of disappearing into the peaks for a run as opposed to slogging it out up and down the A580!

    Looking forward to getting involved a bit more, doing some races and getting lots more experience under my belt.

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    Good luck Pudge...

    Could be worse, you've got reasonable access to a lot of good Fell running country. I'm in the midlands so it's over an hour to the Shropshire races, and 3 hours to the big hills of Wales or the Lakes.

    Hope it goes well. Obviously the more Fell running you can do, then the better you'll get. But a general running background will be helpful. In the last year I joined my local club and we train solely on road/track/grass, and I've come on a lot. (Obviously supplementing the club training with my own hill work).

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