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Thread: Rucksack Club Kinder Tria

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    Rucksack Club Kinder Tria

    Anybody done it recently? What do we all think?

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    There is lots of info' feedback & more on the Forum and plenty of other places too.....


    Plus, suggest you search the Forum + more places and you should find lots more too....

    Just back from more checking on this years Kontrols :-)

    Hopefully all sorted soon - look forward to seeing the Usual Suspects & New Folks too ;-)

    RCKT RO :-)

    Ps Hope this makes sense, has been a rather long day on Kinder!!
    Miss Muddy Paws Dad....
    Not clever & often stupid..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgilbertson View Post
    Anybody done it recently? What do we all think?
    What do we think? It's flipping brilliant!

    It's one of the few races I can still do despite not being able to run any more.

    You can guarantee that every year Andy will find some new secret spots to hide the controls. Great fun! Get entered.

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    MrRTS is looking forward to this. His race 45 of his 50@50 :-) Just to let you know Tindersticks ...... he is chasing you down Great concept and super to see fell racing with a nice bit of navigation thrown in :-)

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