I have a fallen arch on my right foot which causes running issues on and off - four years ago I had pretty bad knee pain, but did some strength training and ironed it out. Recently I've had ankle issues which have been harder to get rid of.

I've been to see two physio's about this and they advise orthotics and wearing stiffer/more supportive shoes. Just wondered what other fell runners do in this situation? I currently wear Inov8 Talon 212's (and have done for years). I'm not keen on a higher drop because I mainly run off-trail (mountain marathon type terrain).

And people seem split on orthotics, saying they can create "lazy feet". I have recently been trying some Sofsol inners, which seem to be helping, but they make my shoes so small that they're causing other issues!

For info, my normal training runs are 10-15km, twice a week. Once a month I do something longer (30km ish, mountainous). I'm a bit rubbish at keeping up with strengthening exercises, but do try every few days.

Any advice on shoes, insoles and orthotics would be greatly received!