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Thread: National Running Show

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    I guess there is a place for it. Mrs S does that road running thing when I'm not dragging her around muddy bridalways. Not my cup of tea and neither are obstacle races really. Both seem quite popular these days with more and more people willing to fork out substantial amounts of money for such events. I guess this kind of show panders to these masses. Nothing wrong with that - l'm all for anything that gets people out and exercising. Most people at work think I'm mad fell/trail running anyway and just don't get it. I just prefer my running rural and hilly where races are usually less than 10 and followed by some hearty nosh washed down with a pint of best!

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    It's a pity this show didn't start before Richard Askwith wrote "Running Free". He could have given us a chapter with an incisive critique of it.

    For myself, I hadn't even heard of this show until I read Travs's original post on this thread. Like PeteS and JohnK, I will just carry on running around the muddy paths, hills and woods without worrying about what anyone else is doing.
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