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Thread: Waltz and TWA

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    Anniversary Waltz today, gorgeous weather, amazing scenery, cracking classic fell race, and the friendliest bunch of people you could ever wish to meet. Probably one of my fave races ever. Loved it.

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    Gutted to miss it. Had entered good and early but didn't think it was wise to run with a fractured shoulder socket.
    As has been said, a special race. Looks to have been particularly spectacular today.
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    Massive thanks to all involved with the races today and great to hear so much has been raised for MND.
    Really enjoyed the Waltz today though the heat and the sizeable field put pay to any quick time. I will miss this one.

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    Brilliant, Wharfee! I can't imagine any other photographer getting that angle.
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    Great pic Andy and great to see you posting it

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    Dear Wynn

    As I said last night, you and Steve created something truly magical here.
    In addition to raising a small fortune for the local community and, latterly for MNDA, you have given, not just the hundreds of runners who have competed in the Waltz and Teenager over the years, but also the scores of marshals and helpers, some fabulous and unforgettable days out on the fells.
    Looking round the village hall last night and bumping into the other marshals and helpers throughout the day, it speaks volumes that there were so many faces that have been there year after year from the earliest days of the Waltz and, indeed, many who had enjoyed that manic and mad Wedding Dash on that Saturday morning in April 1996.

    Thank you so much.

    Kev & Liz

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    It was an absolute pleasure to be part of the last Waltz on Saturday. An amazing day and hats off to everyone involved in making it so special. Thank you, Wynn for putting on the last race. A classic that will be remembered for many years to come.

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    Any results for the Anniversary Waltz anywhere. Thanks.

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    I saw a post on facebook which i think said they'd be sorted by tomorrow night.... i may be wrong though...

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    Please be patient, quite a big job this year. We knew with the numbers involved that we would be struggling to separate the competitors in the two races into two different funnels, as in previous years; hence everyone down one funnel, with a timekeeper for each race at the entrance to the funnel and a number spotter and a number writer for each race towards the exit of the funnel. No major hiccups apart from ensuring that everyone maintained their position through the full length of the funnel. Results are being processed and double checked by one of the timekeepers who is working away from home and needs a 'hobby' for the evenings (Tues & Weds) - should be up later this week ..... I was taking race numbers.

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