So, Day 5 of my Erg ownership and I've just had a first go at the 10,000 m distance and chalked up 46.56.9 mins session with an average split of 2.20.8.

Checking the Concept2 Logbook Rankings, for my age group, 58 years, that places me on a ranking of 549th worldwide (for those who can be bothered with such stuff) - on par with some bloke in Japan.

Ok, I need to aim for top 40 ( to start with ) which means knocking 10 mins at least off my timing.I think my form is ok, I've spent a lot of time checking out Youtube vids for advice and I did a 1000m slow warm up beforehand.

Should I just keep hammering away at 10,000 meters, everyday, or do some interval stuff (I'm never very good at that to be honest as I usually can't be arsed...but for a good cause I could try)?

For starters, I know I can easily knock off a couple of mins as I felt reasonably comfortable, mega sweaty for sure, but it was nowhere near as hard (on the legs and lungs) as my local 6 miler on the fells behind the house.