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Well done, that is a good marker, and an impressive first attempt at 2000m.

It's supposed to be tough...! I guess that's why it's Olympic distance.

Not sure I can offer any advice. I think I generally pulled as hard as I thought I could sustain, right from the off, and held on for grim death. It's a case of finding a way to make your sustainable 1:59/500m lower.
Thanks again for the advice Travs. Actually, I think I'll stick to the longer distances for a while as the 2000 sprint was definitely tough. I don't think it did my overall fitness a good turn but at least the tinatus has now gone!

I've a day off work tomorrow, so its the 10000m again before breakfast (I'm going to see if I can clock up 30 miles a week as my fell running target had been) to set me up for the day ahead on the fells - walking unfortunately until the ankle injury is back to normal. Speaking of which, how is the calf muscle?