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Thread: English V60 Team Category

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    The Championship results have been calculated after Edale, where three MV60 teams were successful – Pennine, Cheshire and Dark Peak. For the category to proceed there must be four teams. Is there another club which can field a MV60 team at the other AL race, Buttermere Horseshoe?
    DT - DPFR.

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    Results from last year's mv60's 2017 suggest Clayton, Mercia and Todmorden have the pedigree to have a go at Buttermere. But what of Helm Hill, Calder Valley, Borrowdale, Keswick, Ambleside and the rest of the great teams on the doorstep of Buttermere. Come on lads have a go.

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    low uptake due to Edale filling up so quickly?

    Ron, in listing 'Calder Valley' as in the Buttermere locale, I assume you are thinking of the river Calder that comes down west of Lank Rigg, passing through Calder Bridge and Sellafield before meeting the Irish Sea?
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    Hi ba ba. My initial list is limited but excludes no team or individual who may want to participate wherever they may be. As they say the more the merrier.

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    The MV60 English Team results now show five teams listed after Turner Landscape, with four clubs likely to complete 4 out of 6 races. The AL races are hard for clubs to find three V60 runners, especially for a demanding race like Buttermere Horseshoe. Is there a case for the MV60 Team Championships to require ANY four from six races?
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    Think rethink for next year maybe but for this year 3 teams did an AL in the belief it was necessary. Cannot see justification for any 4 races. Note that British Chamionships for next year will require any 3 races but to include all 3 categories. Still think the 3 categories should aply in mv60 English Champs.

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    Last year five clubs had teams in the MV60 team category, but only three clubs were represented at the required four different events. For the competition to be viable there must be four clubs. Hopefully this year there will be enough teams out, especially at the two AL events.
    DT - DPFR

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    Agree with you Lost Lad. So for all you mv60s out there, as Delia would say. "Let's be avin u" rr pfr

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