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Thread: Single at races?

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    Lightbulb Single at races?

    Are you a single fell runner looking for a partner who shares your passion for the sport?

    Do you look around you at races, see people you might like to talk to and wish you knew whether they’re single or not?

    Let’s make things simpler! Draw a heart (bright and colourful) on your race number if you’re single and open to talking to new people 😊

    My next race is Borrowdale. Maybe I won’t be the only one with a heart on my number…

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    I’m married FF but welcome to the forum and good luck at the Borrowdale 😉

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    I was going to do Brecon Beacons but i'm tempted to do Borrowdale now...

    But seriously there's not many people who won't talk to you at a fell race, even when in the throes of pain/death/cramp... something i'd never dream of doing at the cross-country or the road relays, until after the race...

    And even more seriously, especially if you are properly dedicated, there's certainly a lot to be said for meeting another serious runner. It can be difficult for 'normal people' to understand why you have to go out every night to the fell/track/gym... Usually the reasons for my spectacular relationship breakdowns (even moreso when i was doing Muay Thai)

    My best relationship was with another committed runner... although i manged to f**k that one up as well anyway....
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    A good idea and welcome Fellyfilly.

    What other races are you intending to do?

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    Thanks Derby Tup! The cutoffs look tight at Borrowdale but we're optimistic Thank you Stagger and Travs too (I expected the idea to be shot down in flames, ha ha).

    I'm about to send off my entry for the Turner Landscape race, and have a couple of orienteering things lined up too (Kong on 26th August is one). I tend to sign up fairly near the time otherwise.

    I quite agree that the fantastic "race ambience" offers loads of brilliant opportunities for chatting to people. At the end there's nothing easier than just saying hello and asking someone how they got on! It's just that pesky thing of wondering whether you're barking up the wrong tree before even approaching...

    Cheers all
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    I totally agree, FellyFilly! I'm doing Turner Landscape too (injuries permitting, of course) so I'll do as you suggest and look out for anyone else brave enough to draw on their race number...! (without folding it down or obscuring the name of the race sponsor etc, obviously).

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    This thread has intrigued me. When I was a lonely single bloke in the 1980s and early '90s, I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of fell races, but I never thought of them as an opportunity to meet the love of my life: there were so few women! But I think this is a great initiative from FellyFilly, and I wish all the best to those looking for love on the fells.
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    Cracking idea and it certainly beats all those ridiculous debates on the f***book page

    Calvin Ferguson - Blackburn Harriers & AC

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalFerguson View Post
    Cracking idea and it certainly beats all those ridiculous debates on the f***book page
    Haha well said Cal!

    This is a good post. It must be good to be married to or in a relationship with another keen Fell runner. There are lots of fell running couples around aren’t there. The shared passion for spending all weekend running or racing in nice places must be great.

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    Best idea i've heard in a long time. Just need to gat to a race now.
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